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Legacy cover collections now...collected - March 3, 2015

The tunes commissioned by donors for my son's school, Legacy Leadership Academy, have now been compiled into two collections, available for free download here:



It must be said that when I originally posted them to this site, I didn't realize the encoding was a bit shoddy, so these are in much higher quality. Thus, if you've downloaded them before, you'd be well advised to get the new copies. I mean, the price is right.

Thanks again to all who gave, your contribution to the boy's education will not go unnoticed in his forthcoming empire of doom.'s here! - November 12, 2014

With no further ado, allow me to present the completed Jason Jackson tribute album:

buy it at Bandcamp

buy it (physically or digitally) at CD Baby

buy it at Amazon's download store

buy it at iTunes

My eternal thanks to everyone who had anything at all to do with this project. It is very close to my heart, and it means a lot that others stepped up with me to make it happen.

Enjoy, and spread the word far & wide...

Jason Jackson tribute album...almost done - September 29, 2014

So we finished mixing with John Hampton up at Ardent in Memphis, and the dang thing sounds AMAZING. Artwork's next, then we'll throw it into the retail pipeline. I estimate a release date sometime in early November.

Thanks to all who have helped make this project a reality, it is among the best things I've ever been involved in.

More very soon...
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