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workin'... - March 24, 2016

A few folks have asked me about my apparent idleness of late. Lotta stuff going on behind the curtain, most of which will make its way up onto this page when it's fully cooked, or at least approaching warm. Get on the mailing list to get first word of any such activities.

More soon, you best believe...

Introducing the Barbershop and Evenings at Westside on the Pirate - May 7, 2015

Now, here's some interesting stuff I've gotten myself into...

There's a new radio station in Fort Worth, KFTW the Pirate. It's been broadcasting digitally for a couple years now, but starting this summer, it will go terrestrial at 97.5 FM as well.

Answering their call for fresh programming, I've launched a new show that they've picked up. I present to you The Barbershop.

Once every couple of weeks, I gather a group of different Fort Worth music luminaries around a table, and we chat about the news that affects the local music community. Episodes will start airing on Saturday the 9th, so tune in on the interwebs.

Also also, I've become the recording engineer for Evenings at Westside, a concert series that my wife runs at Westside Unitarian Univeralist Church. Those shows will be airing on the Pirate as well. Jacob Furr's performance is in the can, and the fabulous Bethan will perform this month. More info here.

Very much looking forward to getting back into radio programming. Been a while since I DJed at the little 500-watt transmitter in Weatherford back in the day. Here's hoping the Pirate will provide a much-needed shot of originality into the DFW market and beyond.

Legacy cover collections now...collected - March 3, 2015

The tunes commissioned by donors for my son's school, Legacy Leadership Academy, have now been compiled into two collections, available for free download here:



It must be said that when I originally posted them to this site, I didn't realize the encoding was a bit shoddy, so these are in much higher quality. Thus, if you've downloaded them before, you'd be well advised to get the new copies. I mean, the price is right.

Thanks again to all who gave, your contribution to the boy's education will not go unnoticed in his forthcoming empire of doom.
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