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Jason Jackson tribute album...almost done - September 29, 2014

So we finished mixing with John Hampton up at Ardent in Memphis, and the dang thing sounds AMAZING. Artwork's next, then we'll throw it into the retail pipeline. I estimate a release date sometime in early November.

Thanks to all who have helped make this project a reality, it is among the best things I've ever been involved in.

More very soon...

Fresh ink in the Fort Worth Weekly - September 3, 2014

Read it HERE!

The perspicacious Edward Brown has done a piece about my shows in Second Life, the first time any non-virtual news outlet has done so. Major props and thanks to him and to Enola Vaher, Ursula Cinquetti, and the fiddlist Ms. Brown for helping him out.

Boss me around and support quality education - July 9, 2014

Hello hello,

You may recall that last summer, I issued an outrageous offer to anyone willing to donate $50 or more to my son's tuition fund at my sister's new school, Legacy Leadership Academy. The deal was that for every $50 given, I would record ANY song of the donor's choosing. The fundraiser was a rousing success, as evidenced by the number of songs which resulted.

My son's attitude towards school has been transformed by his involvement with Legacy, and that is all because of you. I find it difficult to convey just how grateful I and my family are for your help.

The school will be starting its second year of operation in September, and once again I extend the boss-me-around offer to you. $50 gets you any tune, and I mean any tune. I don’t care how ridiculous it is. I don’t care if I hate the song. Name it, and I’ll do it. Keep in mind of course that this is me, so any arias or piano concertos are going to come out unspeakably badly. So choose carefully. If it is something I can do well, I will make you proud. Or at least amuse you with my attempt.

Things are a wee bit different this year, as Legacy is now a non-theoretical entity, with an excellent student roll and a year of great accomplishments behind it. You can read all about what they've been doing on their Facebook page or at

Thus, it is not so much the school who needs a kickstart as it is my son, who remains the child of two people on a modest income. By helping his tuition along, you are giving him an opportunity to be the best-educated kid he can be. Not to mention making me dance like a monkey.

Your kind donation can be made HERE

Upon submitting your payment, shoot me an email ( letting me know what email address you've used. That way I can let Legacy know that those funds should be directed towards the boy's tuition.

My son's education means everything to me, and I hope the ability to commission a work of your choosing will encourage you to help him get the most out of this opportunity.

Hit me with your best shot.

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