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One year anniversary of Rewired - May 13, 2017

Holy hell, it's been one year since I published my first novel. Big thanks to all who've purchased, shared, and reviewed Rewired, it's been a fun journey.

The book is now available in both e-book and physical form, at all major online retailers, including ye olde Amazon. Keep spreading the word, I do appreciate it.

I'm shopping the new novel to agents right now. It's a work I'm extremely proud of, and I hope to get it into your hands sooner than later.

Many thanks as always for your support. No you, no this.

More soon...

The Band That Never Was Episode 6 podcast released - June 21, 2016

You thought it was gone for good, didn't you? Well, never let it be said that my bizarre ideas disappear quietly. Everyone's favorite docu-pop podcast is back, with stories of singular fans, illicit underage drunkenness, and all manner of youthful musical strategery. Apologies to the girl with the big ears, wherever she may be now.

Check out the episode RIGHT HERE.

And as always, there is a single which accompanies the festivities. This one, Here We Come Again, is a tune I've been proud of for a while, but only just now committed to digital wax. It's available at all major digital music retailers.

Thanks for sticking with me and my madness. Enjoy...

I wrote a dang book - May 31, 2016

Oh, man. Been awhile.

I know a lot of people thought I had shuffled off into the land of the unproductive, but holy crabs, take a look at this.

I started this thing in 2007, when I was bored at my bank job, but it started building up steam in the last few years, and with the help of my extremely talented editorwife (that's a word now), I believe it is at last seaworthy. I do hope you concur.

Had a few folks asking about physical copies. Unlike music, there has been no real revolution in pricing as regards self-publishing, and in my musical experience, most people are going to want digital product over 3D. However, I know books are different, so if you have a strong hankering for actual pages between your fingers, let me know and I'll see if I can print up a few on-demand copies. It won't be as cheap as we'd all like, but if you have your heart set on it, I'm certainly willing to give you that opportunity. If there's enough demand, I might even expand the run, who knows.

I appreciate you sticking with me through this experimental time, what with the radio show and prose pretensions. Some good news for fans of my actual music: There will be a new episode of The Band That Never Was in June, with a corresponding single that I'm extremely proud of. Additionally, I'm taking the quintet back to Ardent Studios in Memphis in a few weeks to lay down tracks for an EP to be released either late this year or early next.

So, all kinds of stuff going on. Happy dance...
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