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the matthew show: Links

matthew-operated links

The Band That Never Was
The acclaimed podcast by the matthew show. It follows a group of friends who form a band and grow up together. A tale of friendship, failure, and learning as you go.
Ah Pook the Destroyer
A duo comprised of myself and Paul Shapera of Mocha Lab. Our debut album The Silver Key is a musical adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft story by the same name.
matthew on Twitter
Day-to-day happenings, digested for your convenience.
matthew on Facebook
Fan me, Friend me, Poke me, go nuts.
matthew on YouTube
Music videos, recordings of live shows, plus miscellany. It's a good time.
matthew on FriendFeed
Friend me, yo.
the matthew show archive
An archive of the old matthew show site, complete with the Letter From NYC and crazy Features, along with info about matthew's previous bands and his life timeline. Very stalker-friendly.
matthew on The Sixty One
matthew's other home on the web. The best place to discover new music online.
matthew on MySpace
It still exists. I know!
the matthew show radio on Live365
Revisiting my experience as a DJ, bringing you a diverse soundtrack for your day. Turn on, tune in, & sing along.
Naive Music
The label founded by the matthew show, providing a home for artists who want only to be themselves.
The Daily Song Study
A daily study of songs that I find of interest, and hopefully you do, too. (currently on hiatus)

artists matthew likes

Alex Whitmore
Country/folk/whatever with a liberal dose of humor.
Beth Brown
She is not only the matthew show quintet's venerable fiddlist, but is also a fine songwriter. Check out her debut album, co-produced by a certain nerd popper.
Brave Combo
Unless you're dead, these people will make you move. Now with Little Jack Melody on bass. How could it get sweeter?
It's country, it's's crisco.
Dorian Spencer
Music of hope from the subways and sidewalks of NYC.
Doug Kwartler
Doug melds country & rock in a nicely gritty way, like the best Long Island Iced Tea ever.
Ed Rogers
Guitarist for the matthew show quintet, and a damned fine songwriter to boot.
Glen Phillips
The perenially underappreciated frontman of Toad the Wet Sprocket.
Fine progressive power-pop from Cowtown.
James Dunn and the Western Set
Guitarist, composer, enigma. Check out some of his matthew-engineered tracks here.
Jasper Stone
Country rock featuring an old matthew show associate, the estimable Ron Geida.
John Flor Sisante
Moody tunesmithing from a true believer.
Las Rubias del Norte
If you think South American music is what you see on Telemundo, have a gander at these folks for a change of heart.
Little Jack Melody & His Young Turks
My musical godfather.
Mocha Lab
My musical collaborator Paul, in all his unique glory. You won't believe how awesome it is.
Shithead Jackson and the Ne'er Do Wells
Rock, country, dirt. Good stuff from my late former bandmate on the streets of Weatherford, Texas.
Shotgun Friday
Wild-ass hillbilly/hip-hop music like you ain't never heard, and in which I play a frequent part.
Villain Vanguard
Easily one of the best progressive rock/funk/pop outfits you would have ever seen whilst they were together. Also featured my former bandmate and occasional collaborator Mr. Geida. The man gets around.

radio & podcasts

Indie Spectrum Radio
Broadcasting the best of Second Life music 24/7.
FCMC Radio
Broadcasting recorded tracks and live performances of Second Life musicians.
The Good Show
Tom Urquhart and friends bring you the best in local and national music on KTCU 88.7 FM in Fort Worth every week.
Radio Crystal Blue
Great indie music from everywhere, straight outta Philly.
Radio Casbah
Passionate indie radio, with a mix to match.
The Beatchicks
Spiffy & snarky podcast featuring the best music of Second and First Life.
Parking In Bitterman Circle
Observations and musical discoveries by a bigtime roadie.
Gone Fishing for Blue Skies
The new podcast from our old Yellow Beat friends Michiko & Chris.
Audio Independents Radio
Excellent indie radio from a red state.
MWB Radio
The internet radio station for stalwart indie advocates
Radio KAOS
A fabulous mix of music from DJs with a passion for great radio.
World of Blues
Speaks for itself, doesn't it?
WCH Radio
Indie music in St. Louis, broadcasting locally and globally.
WDOA Radio
Defying the radio establishment for a decade in Worcester, Massachusetts.
WDYN Radio
Dynamic independent radio from Rochester, NY.
Whole Wheat Radio
Fiercely independent radio broadcasting from Talkeetna, Alaska.
Yellow Beat
Independent radio from Japan, with your hosts baby Gremlin and baby Magic.

music miscellany

Wampus Multimedia
The independent record label and media company that released the matthew show's second album. Good folks, good product.
All Music Guide
Just every damn thing you wanted to know about every artist & album ever.
Canaveral Skies
First-class music mastering by Arthur Winer.
Anything you ever wanted to know about making your own album on your own terms.

other coolness

Second Life
the matthew show's other other home on the web.
What Is This Crap?
The blog of eminent Second Life scribe and reliable curmudgeon Mr. Crap Mariner.
Fighting Monsters With Rubber Swords
The thoughts of thinker extraordinaire Rob Rummel-Hudson.
My pal and frequent collaborator, loosed upon the interwebs.
It's not news, it's Fark. Always entertaining, and a bit rude.
An aged idealist and former college classmate. Thorn in the side of conservative America for 70 years and counting.
MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD. And yours, too, if you grew up in the weirdness of the 1980s.