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Little Town

(the matthew show)
July 30, 2012
written by Jeff Simms, Michael Montgomery and the matthew show
Here in this little town again
Old house looks the same
Seems nothing has changed at all
Except our reasons for being here

Keep your head toward the sun
Don't turn away
And if you do, you may find
You'll get your way
'Cause yesterday
Don't mean that much for today
And a light will guide our way
And a light will guide our way

Here in this little town again
No audits of fame
Same face in the sandwich shop
Same face in the workshop windowpane

In '94, it was all so hard
We pushed on the walls till they all fell apart
And now it's all these years in the open air
And I'm looking for their traces


matthew - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
Aimie Lovett - vocals
Jeff Simms - drums
Nancy Giammarco - backing vocals

Produced and engineered by the matthew show at Rotary Eleven Studio
Mastered by Paul Shapera