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the matthew show: Listen to Music

Magic Mary

(the matthew show with Joshua Reed)
November 12, 2014
written by Jason Jackson
Cup of joe, smoking break
Claims the clock's clicking jive
Paper passage will not bother
To wipe the sleep out of my eye
I wish I had another moment for the song out in the car
I'm going down for the count to count the petals in the park

These lazy days are all that's wasted with no fear
This southern comfort's gonna get the best of me
Another day

Cement river, take me to
Magic Mary, my proving ground
Ride it well till I get off
Singing songs along the way
I wish I'd listened to the children of the sun
I wish I'd listened to the poets blessing everyone


Lord don't let me be crucified
In my backyard, in my hometown
Just three graces, give me hope
Give me sex, get me saved
At the circus, falling waif down
Upon my bended knee
Over backwards, far away
From what I want and what I need