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the matthew show: Press

When we first reviewed his CD submission we all just sat there looking at each other in amazement. Amazed that a major label has not picked up this artist. matthew is without question a rising star.
This is an album that is best listened to in your quiet place, away from everyone, away from the world...I've never claimed to be a qualified critic, a brilliant writer or of having an ear for talent... I'm just a guy who likes good music, and in my opinion the matthew show is good music.
Indie Al
...matthew displays talents in all areas of songcrafting, creating the perfect backdrops for his wonderful deeply harmonic voice...A gritty and honest melding of folk and rock.
the matthew show is wonderfully depressing...Its like listening to your own internal monologue clinging to its once solid idealism of what you should have been, that understood that potential everyone told you you had when you were young, but stopped sometime around 20.
Brand X
This one's a keeper. A collection of rueful reflections on life's sad parade, the matthew show's 'texas' is the musical equivalent of watching traffic go by your window on a rainy day and wondering where all those people could be going.
Norman Famous
On 'texas', the matthew show proves there is a place carved out in the music world for a modern day soapbox I can't see much of this hitting the airwaves, I don't know if the general public is ready for the matthew show just yet.
'texas' is a work of art.
The highlight for me is 'Office Suite' (parts 1 & 2), which is a hard biting look at office life that really hits the nail on the head - excellent stuff.
...his music always has that grey and sad emotion and it is mainly slow, quiet, suggestive and intimate, with a special talent to create melodies that get into your heart, in the company of the loose and calming vocal style of matthew and his sense of humour and ironic lyrics (often it is similar to a lullaby or something like that, or a kind of dozing crooner).
She Divine and Existence Libertine
I don’t see why the boy is pouting. He’s on the cover of a great collection of music...this is the musing of a psychotic working everyday stiff.
'texas' is intelligent and cunningly crafted personal pop. The rendering may seem displaced in this generic pop era, but makes for a lasting experience rather than a throwaway fad.
Spunout Central
A sometimes frightening emotional roller coaster. Quite the rush.
Aiding & Abetting
matthew's voice is clear, elegant, and expressive; he has a rich, simple intonation and phrasing perfect for the kind of lyric-intensive music he's delivering. Best of all, he has a sense of humour -- in the midst of these well-crafted songs we have the vitriolic, vicious, and insanely hilarious 'Office Suite' spoken-word pieces documenting in harsh, garish color life as a temp worker. I damn near split a gut laughing.
'The Loneliest Boy in Toyland' is another showcase for matthew's witty and acerbic lyrics. The bite isn't in the music which is melodic and warm with gentle rhythms that frame and highlight the bite of sometimes very amusing lyrics.
South of Mainstream
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