Everything old is new again

Quick history lesson: Back in 2002, thematthewshow.com was born. I had recently moved to New York City, and needed a place to document my adventures whilst I worked on my first album, texas. The site had essays, a journal, a message board, and all manner of other features (which can still be found at thematthewshowarchive.com by the way). 

Over the next couple of decades, engagement with homepages, or at least mine, seemed to dwindle in favor of social media sites, so over time, I quietly retired the non-musical parts of this site and focused my attention where the traffic seemed to be. 

But as we have learned too dearly, putting your online expression in the hands of digital moguls can be a spotty affair. This is my place, and it's about time I started making it feel like a home again. I'll be posting thoughts, poems, essays, bits of fiction, whatever drifts through my brain, and hopefully you'll find something interesting among the flotsam. 

Many thanks for continued companionship on this journey. More soon, promise, love y'all…


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