1. Busted

From the recording Busted

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Produced by the matthew show
Recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis
Engineered and mixed by Adam Hill
Mastered by Arthur Winer at Canaveral Skies
Artwork by Freeda Michaux
Written by the matthew show

matthew - vocals, guitar
Gerald Ray - lead guitar
Clay Anderson - bass
Jeffry Simms - drums, backing vocals


Working no job, taking no train
Hearing no call, feeling no pain
Oh, she’s like a rainbow
That goes on forever
She’ll get busted

Won’t get a job, and won’t tell mom
Never really thought about it all that long
Given up the crying for laughing out loud at nothing

Sitting in the house, watching that show
The one where the guy does the thing you know
Never need an enemy, friends’ll do just fine


Had to get a job, couldn’t keep it down
Had to go to school, and she never was around
Can’t kick her out, ‘cause she’ll just shack up with him

Doesn’t get mad, doesn’t get high
Can’t make her laugh and you can’t make her cry
No movin’, no losin’, no nothin’ gonna happen till she feels that way



Now I got a job, and a house to my name
And I fall down some, but I get up again
Oh, I got the memory
But I ain’t got the rainbow
I got busted