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At the edge of the galactic disc, shadows gather. A spectral threat seen only by the Xaji, a race whose consciousness straddles the overworld and the dream. But the Xaji are far from united, their enigmatic founder lost somewhere in the celestial winds. Into the breach steps Threnody, the youngest of the species, who has as much to learn about himself and his kind as he does about the penumbral swarm bearing down upon this island of light in a dark cosmos. To defeat the anomalous enemy, he must descend into the murky past, learning truths which threaten to shake his foundations, and perhaps those of the galaxy. In the space between realms, the ghosts of eons past hold crucial answers. But they may not be the answers he wants to hear.

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Total Psychology: the exact science of opinion and behavior molding. The promise of complete economic and political predictability, delivered by the Lifecast, direct-to-cortex.

But from an audacious team of scientists, a deterrent arises: Rewiring, a detour in neural pathways to evade the Lifecast and its corporate masters. Outnumbered, a handful of Rewired enclaves survive, scattered amidst the global Wired civilization. And in these rebel strongholds, a mystery unfolds…the Vorn. Strange creatures visible only to a very few. The seers.

Now fear and curiosity vie for supremacy as the architects of the Rewired Diaspora stir once again under a cloud of secrecy.

Something moves in the darkness. And Harry Seldon, hapless son of a sociopathic war hero, embarks on a quest to find it.

Whether he wants to or not.

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