1. Mystery Man
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matthew - vocals, guitar, bass
Jeffry Simms - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Matt Tedder - slide guitar
Chris Bellomy - saxophones
Tom Urquhart - trombone
Paul Shapera - keyboard

recorded and mixed by Joe Tacke at Cloudland Studio
mastered by Arthur Winer at Canaveral Skies
Executive Producer - Jeffry Simms
cover art by Trista Morris


I'm behind the wheel of the jitney
I'm just about to die
I made a promise to myself
At least I'm gonna try
And the bad guys think they got me
And one day they'll be right
Till then I'm behind the wheel of the jitney
Just about to die

I never wanted to be a hero
Well, that's a lie
I'm just trying to be a good man first
I'd rather love than fight

But there's always someone making trouble
And chewing scenes
When bad things happen to good people
I can't help but get mean


Well, I can't fight the bastards on my own
Much as I'd like
But I've got friends who do their best to help me
Turn wrongs to right

And we don't always get along
Well, I don't care
If you come for them, you're coming for me
And they know I'll be there